Today I found the time to finally update the website! Exciting stuff I know. So last month our top donator was Pendu1uM265, thanks mate for donating so much. Our highest voter for the second month in a row is ZionSD with a close second HaydosB, you were so close mate. You guys have been given your prizes for voting as much as you did! Congratulations again. This month I will be continuing last months community goal. Read the donation store on details on how it works (as I feel you guys don't quite understand it). The featured package for this month will be the Super Shears. I spent far too long on that gif. Its awesome, trust me. Im going to be working on trying to fix the Gem NPCs and also the Gravestones, as of at the moment, the gravestones have been removed and you will drop your items like default vanilla minecraft. This is the best solution to date. I will update you when I know more. If you wish to get in contact with any staff member, as I work and Peaches likes CSGO and Abigail is a sloot please feel free to contact any of us on discord, we will try and respond as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading and as always. Don't do drugs! - Jay