Thank you to everyone who stuck with us during the 2 years of Synergy! Its been a solid time. You've stuck around through the shit fest that was the 1.14 update. Which we seemed to have learned a lot since the last time we wiped because it was a lot more fluent than previous times. We got through it and now the server is all the better! I should probably add some photos if possible so you can check out the amazing event Peaches and the staff created for you guys. Hope you enjoyed yourself ( I was working for that mad dosh but I read all about it!). I should also mention that I was working a lot and didn't even realise that we reached the community goal last month, so I have put up a new goal for this month and have created last months goal that can be claimed now also. Thanks to IAmLias for donating the most for the month of June! You donated like 50% of the community goal you crazy fuck, thank you so much for your donation mate, it really helps! Also a big thanks to the top voters for the month of June, you will have been awarded your prizes. Whos gonna kick scyzzy off his 3month vote streak??? Here is the discord link if you wish to see more! P.S Donation Store has had a rework, it will be worth checking out! King and Queen have a discount if you have previously bought fly! Also Synergy Rank has a discount if you have previously bought King or Queen Ranks! Thanks <3