SynergyCraft 1.14 – 1st May 2019

Im going to summarise all the updates that are working as intended. Ill also be explaining things to come.

  • Mob Heads will drop their respected head
  • Kill empty boats ( don’t leave them empty if you don’t want them gone
  • Gem Villagers ( added but not yet implemented)
  • Gems ( you may have already found some)
  • Player Graves ( when you die your items go into the grave made at your death location, TBAG the grave to get your items back!)
  • 1 Person Sleep
  • Dragon will drop Dragon Egg and Elytra!
  • You can now craft Gravel with flint ( 4 flint equal 1 gravel)
  • Craftable Coral block from the plant
  • You’re able to re-dye coloured blocks ( 8 blocks and dye in the middle)
  • Smelting rotten flesh makes leather!

You can now claim your lands with /lands claim “your name”. It is important to use your name as it will show on a list of top lands (more chunks you own the better).

To make a land claim it’s $100, to claim your first chunk is $600, then any additional chunks will cost 10% more every time.

  1. To claim land all you need to do is find a chunk you like with F3+G and type /lands create “name”
  2. To buy additional chunks type /lands claim on the chunk you want, make sure they’re touching your initial chunk!
  3. Add friends to your claim with /lands trust “name”
  4. Check your claim chunks with /lands view
  5. Best to use /lands help to see all your usable commands
  • You can turn off a boat load of settings, in your /lands menu (mob-spawning, water flow, passive mobs)
  • You can give certain people certain permissions if trust them enough to open a door but not your chests…
  • You can also teleport to the chunks you own.

Prestige Ranks has now come to Synergy, players who have reached in-game Synergy Rank will get the option to start again but with a little extra zazz!