SynergyCraft 1.14 – April 27th 2019

SynergyCraft will be updating to 1.14. SynergyCraft for me has always been a place you can join and hang out, to waste countless hours playing and investing. To create something you love so much, when you have to go to bed, you’re still thinking about how you’re going to change or improve it tomorrow. I know everyone who plays often enough and not so often anymore have had these moments at some point, I would love to continue brining you these moments going forward in 1.14.


What does this mean for you? SynergyCraft will most likely always be resetting the world when a new update comes out. It’s easier to do so and it enables new life and creativity for not just Synergy but for the players themselves. I learn a lot everytime we do a wipe and I’ve been trying to improve every time to bring SynergyCraft to the best it can be!

I’ll be implementing new/change plugins. We’re going to do away from the market stalls and have an easy command marketplace where you can sell and buy stuff conveniently and easily to promote better player to player buying and selling. This should improve a lot of factors that we’re struggling to attain as of at the moment. MAYBE a new money system and a new way of ranking up. <- Haven’t 100% worked out the kinks on that one yet.


We will hopefully soon be bringing Skyblock to Synergycraft. Skyblock is one of my favourite game modes. It’s been a long time talking and thinking about it and It’s possible that it may happen soon. So stay tuned for that!


We will be resetting the world on Monday the 29th of April. Make sure you have all the gear you want to take with you into 1.14 in your “/custom ec open” and “/chest“. Your normal enderchest will not be transfered so make sure you have everything out of that. Thanks for sticking around, love -Jay