Update Log: 1st December

We have managed to reach another Christmas here on Synergy! Crazy this year has gone by quite quickly. The staff are building yet another crazy wonderland for you to explore closer to Christmas! Over the next couple of days you will see some changes, with added plugins etc to get us in the festive scene! 

Update Log Top Voters:
This months top voter is 96_Phoenix_96! He voted almost twice as much as every other lazy sod. He has been given his prefix and prizes and the monthly votes have reset for another month, try a little harder this month guys. Julianr2003 and 12345Flame have also been given their prizes for being in the top 3!

Update Log Plugins:
– /Kiss and /Cuddle is now back
– You can now sit on stairs again
– If you eat a bunch you will poop <–(insert poop emoji here)
– Magical Christmas Trees have now been added

Update Log Donation Store:
Top donator of last month was Redja, so redja is this months Daily NPC. Thanks for the donations we received last month, really helps with the server! 
This month we have the 12 packages of Christmas, I will be releasing a package each day for 12 days, they will stay active untill the end of the month. First package are some swanky new yeezys, first item to have a gem slot, be unbreakable and also have a buff.
– Store has 10% for the month of December
– Diamond Crate is this months Featured Package with an additional 10% off
– 11 More Christmas Packages coming soon!