Halloween Update

At the end of the month everyone knows it’s Halloween, and for some reason Americans love this holiday. As I am now in Canada I guess I should also celebrate this weird holiday, so for the entirety of this month, mobs will look a little more Halloween-y! Ill be making NPCs for you to trade with, so collect all them pumpkins, you gonna need em!

Top voters for the month of September:

Voting seems to be a bit of a hit and a miss on Synergy, sometimes the Website doesn’t work, sometimes the plugins don’t work, we would like to say sorry if either of these things happen to you whilst voting, just let me know (Jay) and we’ll fix it right up. Congrats on Endelasia on being Synergycrafts Top Voter! The top 3 players have received their prizes. For the month of October only, we have a 10% extra bonus on the money you get via voting! So hop to it then will ya!

Donation Store Update:

Donation store has been reset for the next month! The donation goal this month is a basket of goodies! I hope we make it because Im super excited to be able to hand these bad boys out to the community! I would like to thank Endelasia for being last months Top Donator! You are now the daily key NPC for the entire month. Oof top donator and top voter, you on a roll. 

Donation store has been updated for the Halloween Sale! 10% store wide, the sale will go all month long and the limited edition items will be removed at the end of the month, so make sure you get them before time runs out! The new items in the store this month is, a limited Edition Witch Hat (learn more on the donation store). Next we have the limited edition Mad Hatters Bone, buying this pack gives you /hat and a bone that gives NIGHT VISION! Lastly Spawner keys have been taken over by the Halloween Spirits and therefor have changed what you can get in them! Go check it out in the well for spawn, it will be worth your time!

Thats it for now guys, hope you enjoy everything that is to come this Halloween -Jay