Community Plugin

On Synergy I’d like you guys to think you have as much of a say as to what goes on the server as I do, as your opinions matter and depending on the outcomes will change how the server feels and plays. You say it’s too easy to rank up? I made it harder, you get too much money too fast, I drop the rates and make it harder, you say to drop the money you obtain with daily voting? Are you nutts? I don’t want hate mail k tnx (you know who you are). 

So now lets get down the business, this event will continue for as long as we see fit. You will, as a member get the chance to look through a specific category of plugins in the Spigot Page. You may choose 1 plugin that you would like to see installed on SynergyCraft. We will take all submissions and the staff will vote for a top 3, those top 3 will then go into a poll for the rest of the server to vote. So there will only be one winner! 

1] Must be on the category the following link is: HERE 
2] Must be 1.13 or at least work in 1.13
3] Can’t be an economy plugin
4] Can’t be a mob drop plugin
5] No fucking MCMMO

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of rules it can’t be, but we will let you know if the plugin is okay to be a submission. You can submit your plugin ingame or via this post, but I think it requires you to login but it’s up to you.

Looking forward to all the submission! -Jay, the pimp of Synners

HumanToad: MobArena
Unsatisfactory: TwerkingCrops
Endelasia: PetBlocks
RockRock: Reputation