Update Log: 1st September

I hoped to never see the day we had 4 top voters contending to the #1 spot on synergy! That’s actually crazy, 4 freaking people voted every day for 31 days, pat yourselves on the back, that’s some impressive shit right there. Everyone who reached the number 1 spot will get their prefix’s and also they will get 1 week of being the votekey NPC. Each player will share 1 week thus giving everyone a chance at being the npc at some point. Congratulations you have officially made my life harder than it needs to be!

Update Log: Donation Store

Firstly I’d just like to thank everyone who donated in the month of August, you guys went nuts! I love that I’ve made a server well enough that you feel safe to donate as much as you guys have done last month! Enough of this sobby shit, update time:

  • Community goal has been updated
         – Community Goal is Custom Spawner Egg Packet + Surprise
  •  Unbreakable Collection has been Added
        – Only a few left in Unbreakable Collection
        – Unbreakable Pickaxe has been sold out
  • Featured Package has been updated
         – Featured Package is Synergy Crates
  • Synergy Crates have been adjusted
         – Removed corals
         – Added Tridents
  • Top Donator has been reset, congrats to KatADTR!
  • Spawners comming soon!

Do you like this new layout for the logs? I think it’s kinda cool, let me know ingame if the new layout is harder to read etc! See you ingame – Jay