What’s in-store for SynergyCraft 1.13

Update Log Wednesday 1st August:

Hey guys I would just like to thank everyone who stuck around in all the madness, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. We have officially updated to 1.13! Bringing SynergyCraft into the 1.13 era was one of the best choices we have made for this little server, I’m glad you guys are loving it too! Hope we can keep this world longer than we did before! I’ve learnt a lot over the past year and I’m no where near the know-it-all I strive to be one day, I’m sure I’m real close though ;D We have big plans for the server and I hope you guys will stick around to see it all come to fruition.

Server Update Log:

  • Removed the old laggy arse world.
  • Updated to the new world
  • Transition was surprisingly easy
  • Party Chat added (/Party to join one!)
  • /Wild or /RTP added
  • MobHunting added (1.13 mobs drop their respected heads)

Vote Update Log:

Thank you to all the players who voted for the server in July, voting for the server helps out a great deal! Well done to Exzactly on being July’s top voter, and his prize is the Vote NPC’s skin and the Vote Prefix in chat! Maysey was so close to first place, better luck next time and Redja in third place was also super close, damn chubby and that crash AMRITE?

  • Votes have been reset for new month
  • Voters have been given their rewards
  • Every 5 votes now gives $1,000

Donation Store Log:

  • Updated the Community Goal
  • Updated the Discounted Package
  • Added gif for Tree Assist
  • Numerous little updates to packages