SynergyCraft 1.13

We have made it, I’ve been working tirelessly making sure the transition into 1.13 is as smooth as possible. Peaches and myself set up the server so we could have the same world for years, then 1.13 came a long and ruined our plans. The world reset for 1.13 is the only way Synergy can progress, we will not sit in 1.12.2 and watch the world go by. I take everyones suggestions to heart when making decisions on SynergyCraft but I WILL never let this server be outdated, I apologise if thats not something you want to hear but I simply will not let my server that I envisioned be outdated. Most importantly I hope you can have the patience to work things out with the staff members if something goes wrong.

Most importantly, get out there and have freaking fun, we have fucking DOLPHINS!!!