SynergyCrafts 1 Year Anniversary

As of the 27th of June AEST we made it to a year! who saw this coming? 1 freaking year of aids and trolls, and loved every minute, I also made it to Canada, so thank you to Exzactly and everyone who pushed the whole #GetJay2Canada fund, was real helpful when bills needed to be paid! Thanks to all the staff members of Synergy, you guys help Peaches and I out more than you realise, you guys are awesome keep up the good work 🙂 Synergy is sticking around for a long time to come, we still have the 1.13 shit to deal with, but we can do what Jay does best and put it off till we absolutely have to deal with it aha.

Don’t forget about the Anniversary Set on the donation store, it’s free so no excuse to not grab it!