Update Log 5th June

Hi guys I’m back! I finally made it to the Canadias! I’m back baby, I was sick after I arrived in Canada, some shit about jet lag or some shit, but then I drank some drinkable bleach and toothpaste and I’m feeling all clogged up and ready to get back to it! So sorry for being late on the uhh votes and shit, the donation store will be changed as soon as I have time to do it (I am too lazy today to do it) Peaches and I will be around more often now as we can actually use our computers.

Congratulations on Redja_ for being May’s Top Voter! Followed closely in Second place is Azlazri and third place was Exzactly. Thanks so much guys for voting, it helps the server more than you know. Your prizes will be given out in-game, just ask Peaches or myself when we’re online and we’ll give them to ya.

That’s all for now, hopefully we’ll be around more often since well, since we can now actually use our computers. Thanks so much for sticking in there love Peaches and Jay <3.