Update log: 29th April 2018

It’s the end of April already? Holy crap… We have a few minor fixes and changes recently, we’ve had a few new players join, so thats cool! Added a few new plugins as well! Here’s the patch log for the month of April:

Server Patch Log: 

– Added a plugin called Game Box (simple plugin for cookie clicker and other little minigames) /GB to play!

– Added Random Teleport! Random teleport has now been introduced (I delayed it for reasons, but now you can simple random TP) /RTP or /WILD

– Removed TwerkCrops due to it causing major server lag… rip

Anzac Day Log:

Thank you to all those who participated and placed a poppy on the wall at Abigail’s shrine. It was a good day to remember, and I will remember this day for a long time to come (mainly because Abigail can’t do an event without being interrupted) nether less it was a great thing to do in remembrance.