Update Log: 4th January 2018

Thanks for everything guys!

The new cottage at spawn will now handle any items you would normally hand to me to be traded in!

  • New Icons: Daily Keys, Crates both have new icons.
  • New Rank: Wood Rank is the newest rank, stay hardy!
  • New Kit: Wood Kit is the newest kit on the block.
  • New ways to select custom spawners and glowing colours on checkout.

Working on some new Totems and the way voting and daily keys work might have a small change, thanks for reading – Jay



Update Log: 2nd January 2018

We made it to 2018! Woooo who saw this coming… We had a pretty successful year and I would just like to say a big thanks to the staff and players. Sometimes I look at the server and it’ll suck not having everyone (minus Abigail) around, I hope you will all stick around for a long time to come!

Server Update:

  • Enderfarm has been removed as the money making king (gonna have to find your own way now).
  • Possible Major change to the Market (possible).
  • Just going to have to wait and FIND out the event for January!
  • Spawn has had, and will be changed, it’ll be slow going but it’ll get there!

Donation Store Update:

  • The Featured package will always now have 10% off!
  • Glowing is the Featured Package for this Month.
  • Glowing now has variables, allowing you to choose your colour on checkout.
  • Custom Spawner now has variables, allowing you to choose your spawner on checkout.
  • Daily Keys have had a major price drop!

Update on Staff:

I wouldn’t normally add this, but recent dramatic changes have been made so this is to help keep you informed.

  • Shiro has been going through a lot lately and is spending some time to reflect, so he has been removed from staff due to some issues.
  • Scarlett is still away on holidays for 2more weeks! (no idea how shes still staff)
  • Pluky has gone to the UK for 2months, he’s flying there….
  • IAmSpank is one of our new Helpers! Welcome aboard Sir Spank.
  • Abisue12 is the newest addition to the staff, I’m sure she’ll be super helpful.

Sorry for this massive update, hope you guys all actually end up reading this, that’s it for now. Oh uhh yeah no drugs on my server!



Update Log: 23rd December

Shops have made a return to Synergy and I hope we can get back to the normalcy we had before the removal of the shops!

It’s almost Christmas guys!? That’s crazy, thanks for being here to experience this with the Synergy Staff, we’re all grateful you guys can be here with us!

To say thanks for being the greatest Synners on the Web! We have the best rewards leading up to Christmas Day.

Lastly Peaches and I would like to say a huge thank you to the people who have donated over the past month (Although you should be spending your money on yourself!) I hope you enjoy your time here with us! That is all for now




Update Log: 20th November

Money Related Updates:

– Increased Coin drop chance from 25% > 35%

– Increased the amount given per coin $1-$4 > $2-$8

– Passive Mobs now drop coins!

– Elder Guardians now drop 16 coins on Death

– You can now sell your Diamond and Emerald Ores at the Admin Shop

Shops might have to be disabled untill we can find a plugin that doesn’t make some players lag, sorry for the inconvenience I am trying :3

Thats it for now -Jay